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Fitness Equipment: Let's Talk About Elliptical Machines

An elliptical machine or cross-trainer is a stationary machine used for exercising, simulating running, walking or stair climbing without causing undue joint pressure, thus reducing the risk of impact injuries. It is a low impact exercise machine ideal for those individuals suffering from certain types of injuries. It is also called as an elliptical trainer or X-trainer offering a non-impact cardiovascular exercise varying from light to high intensity basing on the chosen resistance and the speed of exercise set by the user.


An elliptical machine at ellipticalview.com can be compared to a treadmill with the heart and leg muscles exertions involved, producing an intermediate range of leg movements between that of treadmills and stationary bikes. There are studies showing that burned calories on an elliptical trainer are the same with a treadmill. Before hitting "start" on your elliptical machine, you must set a goal and monitor your level of exertion. Do not slouch while exercising in an elliptical trainer because you may be tempted to grab and lean forward as your legs do the work. Remain upright with a core that is firm without slouching though it may actually make your workout easier. It is inefficient having a poor form, contributing muscular imbalances and low back pain. When using an elliptical machine, there is sharing of power between the upper body and lower body. The levers should be pushed and pulled while you maintain your upright posture, and keep your shoulders pulled back, with your abs engaged for the maximum and effective elliptical trainer workout. Another way is not to hold the elliptical machine's handrails so that greater power is produced from your lower body, staying upright, keeping the abs engaged, and pumping your arms forward and backward at a ninety-degree angle like you are running, requiring more balance and activating your core.


It is important to have a variety of exercise when you are using an elliptical machine. You are free to manipulate the variables to make your workout more challenging like the stride rate, resistance, and elevation. Do not settle with routines, rather be creative to prevent boredom, making your workout more fun and exciting while keeping your body in good shape. For the best elliptical machine reviews, feel free to view our website. Elliptical machines are truly effective, convenient, efficient and amazing exercise machine, helping people achieve their target fitness goals. Allow us to help you with yours, click here to purchase one now!